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Karen Schuster-Driftmeyer

My name is Karen Schuster-Driftmeyer. I have been coming to Priest Lake for over 50 years. When I was young, we rented a place down by Horton Creek for about eight years. I have soo many great memories of the twirly swing, swinging from the rafters in the cabin on rainy days to jumping off the giant rock in front of the cabin, having fires on the beach, and roasting marshmallows. The best memories! When I was 8, my parents bought a couple of lots up from Cavanaugh Bay. They worked for years clearing and building our one-room cabin. I slept in a cot in the kitchen. Over the years, they expanded, and the cabin is still there today. I raised my four kids coming up the lake as often as we could. Those were also some fantastic memories.

I got married at Elkins 21 years ago, and my daughter got married at Hill's in 2020. My husband and my two youngest children moved up here from Spokane in 2011 and never left. We built our forever home in 2018 and plan to be here as long as we can. Now we are blessed with two beautiful grandsons whom I know will love the lake as much as we all do—knowing the lake as well as I do helps me find the right areas for my clients. I have sold Federal and sometimes complicated State leases for years. I sell lots, land, and waterfront homes, including boat-able-only properties. I love that this job is never boring and every sale is different. I can honestly say I learn something new with every sale. I started working as an agent in 2014 and took over as a broker in 2018. Priest Lake is truly North Idaho's Crown Jewel. Please let me help you find your little piece of heaven today. Start making your own Priest Lake memories!


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